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wife smoking

Posted by axxlover , Jul 29,2004,14:02 Post Reply    Forum

I am a married, non-smoking male in my mid-twenties. When my wife (who is (was?) also a non-smoker and in her early thirties) and I first started dating, I told her about my smoking fetish after only a month or two of dating. She was never thrilled with it (still is not), but is as accepting of it as possible. She offered to try smoking for me - something which, believe it or not, I was dead-set against. I argued (truthfully) that the thing I loved about our sexual relationship was that she could turn me on _without_ smoking. Aside from occasional arguments about my fetish, we have had a wonderful and fulfilling relationship for years, both in and out of bed.
About a year ago, things changed a little. Although we had talked about her smoking several times, and each time I was against it, she decided to experiment with it. Now, let me explain. As much as I relished the thought of my wife smoking – sexually, at least – I was repulsed by it at the same time. I do not enjoy living in a smoke-filled home ( I grew up with that), nor do I wish for my wife’s health to be affected by smoking. And (as I have since learned), while watching her smoke is a powerful turn-on while we are in bed, once we have climaxed, I quickly find myself repulsed by the smell, both in the air and on her breath.
The first time she smoked was almost magical. She had stolen a cigarette from a friend of hers. While I was at first shocked and a bit afraid, we nonetheless had some of the greatest sex of our lives while she smoked that first cigarette. She somehow managed not to cough (I remember her saying it was remarkably easy, she was surprised). Of course it was not all pleasurable for her – she felt ill after only a few drags, was too dizzy to stand, and she said the smoking interfered with her orgasms. However, she was thrilled to finally have me look at her the way I look at other girls who smoke. We mutually decided that this was fun, but would be a rare treat.
About a month later, we took a small weekend trip, and decided to buy her a pack of cigarettes. A pack of Marlboro Menthol Light 100’s was chosen almost completely at random (neither of us knows a thing about cigarette brands). She smoked one during our trip (with much the same results as the first time, in all areas), then put them in the nightstand drawer upon returning home, and left them untouched for about a month. She smoked one or two a month, or sometimes even less, always as a treat for me, always with the same results.
Then, about two months ago, she started a new job. After about a week, she came home after a long, terrible day, and announced that she _wanted_ a cigarette. She sought the pleasant, light-headed, dizzy feeling she associated with smoking. My beautiful wife poured herself a bubble-bath, and lit a cigarette while soaking in the tub, becoming very relaxed as she smoked. Part of me protested, but I could not deny her this simple pleasure after a rough day, and I must admit I was incredibly turned on watching her smoke for her OWN pleasure, rather than mine.
While she did not exactly become a dedicated smoker after these events, her consumption did increase slightly – she’s been smoking three or four a month. I know, this is still almost laughably little, but I have noticed her inhales are becoming longer and easier. She also tells me that we have achieved a sort of Pavlovian conditioning – smoking not only doesn’t interfere with her orgasms anymore, but she actually becomes wet with sexual excitement whenever she smokes, because her body associates smoking with sex. I had thought this only possible in smoking fetish stories, but there it is.
I love my wife very much. As much as my genitalia relishes her smoking, I do NOT want her to become a dedicated, addicted smoker. I worry for her health, I do not want our home to constantly smell like cigarette smoke, and I fear for the health of the children we wish to have in the near future. This must remain a rare treat, but it is already becoming less and less rare. She is obviously deriving increased pleasure from smoking, in more ways than I could have ever imagined.
Luckily, she shares my concerns. Also, the thing she loves most about smoking is the dizzying, light-headed feeling she gets, which I have gathered (again, I do not smoke) is almost completely lost once you get used to smoking. She despises the taste of cigarettes, although I suspect a change in brand might help somewhat (the fact that she has been smoking from the same open pack for a year probably doesn’t help either – I’m sure they’re stale as hell).
However, some concern remains. Not only is she enjoying smoking more, but she has had an oral fixation all her life which smoking satisfies. We also have a new neighbor who lives in the apartment below us, and smokes out on her balcony. This means that the scent of cigarette smoke is constantly wafting up from below, and filling our apartment. While my wife dislikes the smell, it nonetheless leaves her thinking of (and wanting) cigarettes on a fairly consistent basis.
As of this past Sunday, her pack is finally empty. The question now is this – should we buy her another? Or are we tempting fate a bit too much? How often can she get away with smoking without becoming addicted?
Any thoughts and opinions would be welcome.