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Smoking Fetish Hall of Fame

Posted by Johannes , Jul 10,2007,07:56 POST A REPLY    BACK TO FORUM

I know from time to time we get on these memory lane kicks. This stuff has pretty much become a part of our lives. I can't see myself ever totally getting away from this community, though my involvement does ebb and flow.
My two standard "Cheers" type hangouts have become Smoke Signals and Video Talk-which are now pretty much two faces of the same site.

I thought it would be fun to make a top ten (if I have that many) guys and a couple of gals who are Hall of Fame material. Early, pioneer, innovators who took a bold step and in so doing really helped many of us to not only enjoy ourselves but to come to terms with what we had struggled with our whole lives-to realize we were not alone.

of course some were more pioneering and influential than others, but thats a subjective thing. These will really be in no particular order other than how they come to my mind. A little blurb will explain or amplify each.
And in advance, let me say that I apologize if I leave anyone out.

1) Loring Holden- the "geek" from Brown University who was one of the earliest web developers I ever heard about. I always wondered how he got away with running a smoking fetish site on a Brown server for years. His was one of the most developed websites I remember from the early days of the web. He was way ahead of his time-seriously. Loring is a heck of a nice guy-we emailed some in the beginning. He has worked his tail off for year for us. For years he received no revenue-I'm glad he has some ads now and I hope he's making a little money. Smoking From All Sides is still *the* smoking fetish homepage for my purposes.

2) Mike Williams-and of course who could not mention this guy. I remember seeing the announcement for the print edition of SmokeSigs come across the usenet board...probably all the way back in the days of alt.smokers-and thinking about getting a PO box so I could subscribe.
Everyone knows this guy's contribution-he's a great guy and one of our pioneers.

3) Matt Landry-some of you may not know this guy. He was a workhorse and pretty much drove the old newsgroup...alt.smokers.glamour. He was a majore contributor to our community. This guy took a lot of crap too as I remember. He had a real story to tell. I suspect he may also be the one who by a pseudo. I haven't heard from Matt in years, but I suspect he's still around.

4) LadySmoker- For many of us Laura was the first one to draw us in and show us what a lady who was fully aware of our fetish could do. A pioneer from the days of alt.smokers-and one sexy lady.

5) Ron Andrews-what a guy he was. I'm starting to believe that he really has passed on. For awhile I thought he may have gotten married or joined a monastery, something like that. Like Elvis, I keep waiting for his return but I don't think it's going to happen, and sadly it may well have been on 9/11. This guy was amazing. He was a go-for-it kind of guy. Did anyone ever see his picture? I remember in one of his "Lady Cigar Smoking Pageant" pics he showed himself positioning a model but you couldn't see his face. The man is a legend in our community. I was talking with someone the other day who told me how he used to keep several holders with him and would offer them to smoking women, who would often try them and he would photograph them. The guy goes to Hawaii on vacation and offers a lady at the bar holder. Another woman sitting at the bar overheard, smiles and opens her purse and pulls out the red holder he had given her several years ago. I can't say enough about Ron-I miss the old boy still. His Links are still with us thanks to Mike.

6) Another woman: Noemie. I hope she'll read this because she really is a pioneer. She was no more than a (legal) teenager when she came around here and starting hawking her vids in that wonderful alluring French Canadian way. What's up whit dat? (smile). The slightly gawky smoking gal has blossomed into a gorgeous woman fully devoted to her habit and helping guys to enjoy their fetish. A heck of a woman and over the years, a lot of fun. A salute goes out to Noemie. For once, I would love to know if I pronounce her name in my head correctly. I say "Know-me"...and sometimes I think Know-Amy or Know-Eemy. What do you guys say...or Noemie if you wish-help us!

7) Mike Kohary-another early web pro who put up a class website in the early days. Kohary's Cove/Smoking in Cinema was a classic, seminal place. Did any of you frequent the chatroom there? That was the first chatroom I had experience with and it was WILD and WOOLY. Very CHEERS-like at times. I remember being in the chat room there the night Princess Diana was killed and I heard it there first-that gives you a time frame. Mike is still putting it out there with Lady Madonna productions. He is an amazing talent and a workhorse, and one of us.

8) Ed Luisser. What else could be said about Coherent Light? Totally amazing, the photography pioneer of the Smoking Fetish. I would dare say there is not one who will read this who doesn't only know of Ed and his work, but you have a favorite CoLight Model and you have satisfied yourself for years to something Ed has produced. Oh, how I dig Keenan, Nadja, Synthia, Maddie, Selena, Paula, Megan and the list goes on probably forty or fifty deep. I will always remember doing a medical procedure and being sent home to bring back a semen sample. Thank you Keenan, your dangling did it! And the test was all clear. I'm something of a superman when it comes to sperm count. TMI, I know.

9) Austin. Love him or hate him-he is one of us, and a pioneer in this thing. This guy took a very bold move...and has made a business out of satisfying himself. I admire the fact that he makes it a business. He doesn't take advantage of unsuspecting girls, trying to get non-smokers to smoke. I personally like the heck out of Austin, and think of him as a real innovator, a cowboy if you will.

I suppose it's time to cut this off...I could probably go eleven or twelve. I swear this isn't a butt-kiss...but

10) Tampa. This guy has worked for YEARS to promote the sf independent businessman. He may well be the largest consumer of FS vids in the history of the internet from what we hear. Tampa has a heck of a sense of humor and has kept me cracking up...made many a dull day bright. I'd love to meet him IRL...I have an idea this brainy natural comedian would be great fun IRL. So on his own forum-a SALUTE to my friend Tampa, one of our SF pioneers.

oh there's more. If I could go on I'd name Michael C-probably the "heart and soul" of the SF community...Vesperae, the amazing woman who digs smoking like we do...Paul McCarthy, who is ummm...Paul McCarthy and has contributed much to us...Paul has shown me ads that I didn't know still existed-Cigarette ads that actually formed that I had buried deep and had essentially forgotten.

Thanks to all of you...and

others...many many others. Time to get ready for work now!

Jo (pronounced YO)



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