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College girl smoking in my car :-)

Posted by Chris , Dec 29,2006,10:16 Post Reply    Forum

This was a dream come true!

A friend of mine knew of a girl who, due to car trouble, needed a ride home from college one day. Her friends and no one else could provide one, so, knowing I lived in this girl's general direction, my friend decided to ask me. The girl, whose car had completely died, was cute with freckles and blonde hair.

Anyway, during the drive home, during a brief lull in conversation, the girl asked if I minded if she had a cigarette. No one had ever smoked in my car before, but I said yes anyway. After she lit the cigarette, I told her she was the first person to ever smoke in my car, and she became much more forward, with an additude that it didn't faze her one way or the other.

As a matter of fact, as it turns out, we wound up carpooling for six days as her car got repaired, and each time she smoked in my car, never pausing to ask after if I minded.