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Southern Charms

Posted by RobM , Nov 21,2002,11:11 Post Reply    Forum

As you know, every once in a while I like to record my thoughts on the present state of the Southern Charms sites. Here are those random thoughts. Some of the information comes from those Charms I've written to and have responded back about their smoking.


Amanda: huge fake tits, bleached blonde hair, heavy makeup to cover up her freckles; Marlboro Light 100s smoker. Not one of my absolute favorites, but she appears to truly enjoy her cigarettes.

Amethyst: brunette, late 30s, has some great black leather outfits, smokes Marlboro Lights about a pack and a half day. She quit for a couple of weeks but declared to me, "I'm a smoker again!"

Anisha: very skinny, different looking but I like her, has some great black latex outfits. Smokes Marlboro Reds.

Franki: in her 40s, but still looks good; has several leather outfits; smokes VS120s; very dedicated smoker.

Jenni: absolutely gorgeous blonde; beautiful face, great lips, fake tits; has a good bit of leather; unfortunately, just a light smoker of Marlboro Lights

Lauren M.: extremely skinny but big fake tits; pretty face; not much leather; smokes Marlboro Lights, I think.

Siren: red head stripper; okay face and body; Marlboro Light smoker.

Tyler: blonde stripper with okay face but great body; has some sexy pleather outfits; smokes Marlboro Lights but hopes to quit someday; used to date a doctor; lives with Aurora from SC3.


Absolute Heaven: her name fits! Gorgeous, great body, smallish tits; has tons of leather; very heavy smoker, often Marlboro Reds.

Dee's Delights: blonde stripper from Michigan; not great looking, but has some great black leather; smokes Marlboro Lights.

Gigi: very girl next door looking, face and body; kind of cute; loves her Marlboro Lights.

Georgina UK: very slutty blonde British girl; has a lot of tight black latex; don't know what brand she smokes.

Hottyy: out of this world gorgeous and perfect body; has wonderful leather outfits; smokes Parliaments regularly.

Haven: pretty blonde girl, big tits. Has leather pants; smokes only Marlboro Ultra Lights and her boyfriend hates her habit so she rarely smokes in her pics.


Abigale: small and pretty German girl; has some fantastic tight leather pants; smokes a lot but I'm not sure what brand

Adelaide: gorgeous blonde British girl; little tight body; looks to be very athletic, but also looks like she enjoys her cigarettes immensely

Alala: very skinny freckled red head; smokes Marlboro Lights, a lot; used to be on the Charms as "Redd Shadow"

Alicia: black haired British girl; very skinny with big fake tits; great leather pants, smoker

Alicia Legs: blonde British girl, I really like her face; she loves leather and smokes a lot

Amber UK: pretty blonde British girl; has a great black leather outfit but only wore it once; smokes like a chimney, very few photos show her without a cigarette

Anna: gorgeous little brunette; perfect body; wears leather occasionally; smoke Vantages regularly and always has two shots of her smoking in every set

Aperyl: blonde stripper, very trashy, you can tell she battles a weight problem, has a little pooch; smokes Marlboro Lights

Aurora: not a great face, but very skinny and has a great bit of black leather; smokes Marlboro Lights; lives with Tyler

Brooke: new girl; short hair but very pretty face; haven't seen her in leather; very, very skinny but with big fake tits; smokes a lot

Dallas: very pretty, curly haired girl; perfect body; has a great, tight black leather bodysuit; smokes Marlboro Lights, half a pack a day; her sister is Jamie of SC1 and I like that Dallas is an everyday smoker whereas Jamie is not

Devilz Candy: a BBW which I don't normally like, but she's got huge tits, a ton of great leather, and smokes Marlboro Reds heavily

Jorja: not very pretty, but I put her on here because she's got a lot of leather, smokes 2 packs of Newports a day, and is submissive.

Kitty Kat: in her late 40s but still looking good; she loves her leather; dedicated smoker but now appears to be smoking Carltons; that would normally be a turnoff, but with Kitty Kat, you can tell that she's been smoking for over 30 years and that it has taken its toll. Looking at her, I can almost hear her smoker's cough

Paris Knight: I don't really dig her looks, but she's on here because she admits to starting smoking at age 5. Yep, 5, and been smoking ever since

Shannon: very pretty blonde stripper; big tits, big girl, great lips; smokes a lot, Marlboro Lights

Sweet Susi: fairly new blond German girl; a lot of leather and smokes a lot

Victoria: pretty, curly haired blonde girl, big girl like Shannon, real big tits; has some leather; loves her Marlboro Lights and features her smoking a lot


Anniston: I adore her; very young and soft, major pooch; Benson & Hedges Menthol smoker

Abriana: very pretty new blonde girl; small body, smoker

Alex: new girl, has a great leather biker jacket, tells me she's a smoker; haven't seen it yet

Ashlee: gorgeous young blonde girl with a perfect, soft body; looks angelic and I wouldn't suspect her, but she smokes a pack and a half of Marlboro Lights a day; features her smoking a good bit

Chasity: I really like her face; good body; only a little bit of leather; smokes Marlboro Lights, I think

Holly: a little different looking, but sexy; former stripper, good body; has fantastic tight leather pants; smokes Marlboro Lights and often Marlboro Reds

Hotbabehere: gorgeous blonde with very heavy makeup and amazing body; has a lot of leather; claims to only smoke less than a half a pack a day, but she's smoked Pall Mall unfiltered and Newports and looks like an absolute pro doing it

Lil Tramp: I like her look, a little trashy; has a bit of a pooch; regular smoker

Nicole: brand new blonde; stunningly gorgeous; great body; wouldn't expect her to be a smoker, but she goes through a pack and a half a day and "loves every drag"

Nikkia: my dreamgirl; a true leather biker chick; soft body with a little pooch; smokes two packs a day

Scandinavia: I love her because she looks just like my old girlfriend Julie; soft bodied blonde young girl; smokes menthols; haven't seen much leather but she looks great in her boots

Yasmin UK: gorgeous blonde British girl; soft body and if she were any paler, she'd be transparent; has a little bit of leather; regular smoker